We proudly represent green energy companies to resolve legal issues in a variety of ways. Our services include:

Energy Regulation

Much of the law and policy on the clean energy transition is currently being made in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) under the Federal Power Act and state energy commissions involving ratemaking, mergers, plan decommissioning and various rulemaking and policy proceedings. We represent energy innovators, ratepayers and other stakeholders in hearings, complaints and rulemakings in these proceedings at FERC.

Pipeline Cases

We’re one of the nation’s few law firms representing landowners and communities (including environmental justice communities) in the full life cycle of the proceedings, including the certificate process under the Natural Gas Act at FERC, permit proceedings at state agencies, eminent domain and post-construction abandonment and restoration disputes.


We are one of the nation’s leading law firms handling appeals of energy and environmental law cases and challenges to FERC decisions at the federal and state courts of appeal across the country.


Greenwashing has become a significant issue in the transition toward a carbon-free economy because consumers are increasingly seeking environmentally responsible products and services, leading some companies to exaggerate or falsely market their eco-friendliness to capitalize on this trend. We represent consumers, competitors and other stakeholders with greenwashing claims in court and before relevant regulatory bodies.

Energy Easements and Leases

Is an energy company seeking an easement, lease or other access rights for a pipeline, solar or wind farm, transmission line or other energy project on your property? We review, negotiate and advise landowners, farmers and ranchers, school districts, trailer parks and counties on proposed lease and access terms.

Mediation Services

We’ve participated in hundreds of hours of mediations before FERC and state regulatory proceedings, and Carolyn Elefant, the firm principal has completed Maryland’s mandatory 40-hour training for mediator certification. We represent clients in mediations, and can serve as an appointed mediator to resolve energy disputes.

Of Counsel/Local Counsel Service

Many law firms represent clients in the energy space, but lack the industry expertise to support regulatory cases. Our firm works with other law firms as of counsel, local counsel and expert counsel to assist with these cases on a contract or project basis.