Welcome to LOCE

America's Capitol - Washington D.C.Welcome to the website for the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant (LOCE), a law firm focusing on FERC energy practice and policy, emerging renewables (marine renewables, offshore wind), federal siting and eminent domain (hydroelectric licensing, natural gas pipeline and electric transmission line siting), appeals and select civil rights litigation under Sections 1981 and 1983. Founded in 1993, LOCE helps clients within the United States and abroad navigate through and prevail in complex, multi-party regulatory and judicial proceedings without breaking their modest budgets.

LOCE’s founder Carolyn Elefant thrives on cases of first impression and last resort, embraces innovation and serves as a tenacious advocate for her clients. Carolyn prides herself on operating a Law Firm 2.0 practice that seamlessly integrates technology to coordinate complex, multi-party projects and customize each client’s experience.   In the energy industry which is traditionally dominated by large firms, Carolyn’s woman-owned micro-firm is a rarity.  Yet LOCE continues to flourish because of Carolyn’s unwaivering commitment to excellence and superior client service, combined with good old fashioned doggedness.

Physically, LOCE is located in Washington D.C. in close proximity to the federal agencies that many of our clients deal with regularly.  But through state of the art technology and affiliations with lawyers across the country, LOCE has the ability to handle cases anywhere in the nation or even the world.  In addition, because of our extensive experience, exceptional productivity and creative world view, our firm is able to offer several innovative options for joint representation and alternative billing arrangements. To learn more about our unique, modern approach to the practice of law or subscribe to receive additional emails from our firm, please complete this information and click the submit button: