Saving An Historic Family Farm from a Pipeline


Saving a Family Farm By way of an eminent domain complaint, a pipeline announced its intent to access one of the oldest working family-owned farms in the state as an entry point for horizontal direct drilling (HDD) in the center of a productive cornfield.  Following efforts to negotiate a more suitable location, the Firm [...]

Saving Two Mom & Pop Hydros From Drowning By Penalties

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Two small mom and pop hydro plants inadvertently neglected to file certain administrative materials with FERC. Penalties ensued, eventually amounting to $165,000 and $205,000 for each project. Lacking the ability to pay, the companies had no choice but to seek appeal - and the Firm was retained to challenge the penalties in two separate cases [...]

PURPA Contract Termination Thwarted

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A utility company petitioned to terminate its mandatory obligation under the PURPA to purchase power from several solar qualifying facilities. The Firm participated in the FERC process and successfully warded off termination, establishing favorable precedent for other utilities contemplating a similar action.

Expropriation of Environmental Claims Averted


A tract of property had remained in a family for over a century. An gas company leased the property and over the years, its operations caused significant contamination. Consequently, the property owners sued for the cost of clean up. Rather than pay the damages owed, the company invoked eminent domain authority under the Natural Gas Act to take [...]