Project Description

A company developing an ocean energy technology sought the Firm’s assistance in obtaining appropriate authorizations. Trouble was, at that time, no formal regulatory process for licensing marine hydrokinetic technologies existed. The Firm filed a declaratory petition to clarify FERC jurisdiction over the project, and subsequently devised a process that resulted in the first license issued for a hydrokinetic project in the United States.

Subsequently, the Firm recognized that working with developers on a case by case basis would not build a hydrokinetic industry in the United States.  Collaborating with other consulting firms, the Firm helped to co-found the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition, which grew to 55 members over its nearly decade-long tenure.  The Firm subsequently served as counsel to the organization, which helped to develop regulations governing leasing of the Outer Continental Shelf, marine spatial planning policy and incentives to encourage commercialization. In 2014, after nearly ten years of activity, the organization merged with the National Hydropower Association.