My name is Carolyn Elefant and I’m the host and sole author of the LOCE Renewables Offshore Energy Law Blog, continuously renewed like the oceans themselves. My blog launched on February 13, 2003, making it the longest running law related blog on marine renewables, which encompasses wave, tidal, OTEC, hydro-kinetic energy and offshore wind.   My blog delivers news, legal and financial analysis of trends in the marine renewables industry in a light-hearted and comprehensive manner. Most importantly, it’s (usually) written in plain English rather than regulator-ese.  Over time, my blog has grown quite popular and influential, with a loyal following of regulators, Hill staff, politicians and industry experts, not to mention the dozens of readers who take a personal interest in following the emergence of this promising industry and the unique pioneer companies that are charting the course.

The longevity of my blog shouldn’t come as a surprise though, since I’ve been representing ocean energy developers within the United States and globally since 1992.  In fact, I was one of the first, if not the first lawyer in the United States to practice in the field of ocean energy law.  My early stage counseling enabled at least three of today’s lead ocean renewables companies to strategically position themselves in U.S. markets. Moreover, I played in instrumental role in resolving the issue of FERC jurisdiction over marine and hydro-kinetic technologies in the Aqua Energy decision and in creating the alternative licensing strategy that resulted in issuance of the first marine renewables energy project in the United States.

In addition to representing developers, I also advise coastal communities and investors both here and overseas on opportunities in developing marine renewables.

My passion for the marine renewables industry lead me to co-found the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition. OREC has helped the marine renewables industry secure millions of dollars in Congressional appropriations for the marine renewables industry, revived the ocean energy program at the Department of Energy and continues to work towards development of a regulatory process that allows for economic and environmentally responsible siting of marine renewables projects.

But that’s enough about me! Here’s how I can help you:

*Assistance with regulatory issues related to project licensing for wave, tidal, offshore wind or conventional hydro projects, from a full service package to ala carte unbundled services, where I provide assistance at discrete, limited phases of project development;

*Advise coastal communities, state public utilities commissions and advisory groups on marine renewables development, coastal zone management and incentivizing and funding ocean renewables development.

*FERC or state commission related matters, including negotiation and/or review of power purchase agreements, generation-interconnection issues and general compliance issues;

*Market studies, policy papers and legal analysis of issues related to wave, tidal, hydro-kinetic, offshore wind or conventional hydro development (I started my career as a lawyer in FERC’s hydroelectric licensing division);

*Appellate challenges, FERC hearings and litigation or arbitration of disputes.

In addition, in conjunction with other affiliated firms, I offer the following:

*Securing Congressional earmarks and Stimulus Funds for renewable energy projects;

*Creating corporate structures for foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in U.S. markets;

*Effective stakeholder relations for project development;

*Litigation of patent, business and international disputes.

To learn more about my practice, visit www.carolynelefant.com Or follow me on Twitter at @carolynelefant.

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